For Vendors
Market Rules


An annual Application for Membership, Acknowledgment form, Permits, and Licenses necessary for business operation and the Farmers Market Member Statement should accompany the nonrefundable membership fee of $50.00 before the deadline, to comply with the verification schedule.

Members must have application forms completed and approved by the market President, prior to setting up at market. If approved, new members are allowed to sell at market for 3 visits before paying the $50.00 membership fee. Membership dues are not prorated (no seasonal rates).

Annual membership meetings are held on the Tuesday, following the State meeting.

The San Marcos Farmer’s Market is a producers market, open to all members of the San Marcos Farmer’s Market Association, who live within a 75 mile radius of San Marcos. Vendors of prepared and processed foods, local artist, craftspeople, community organizations, and non-profits, may apply. Items put on the application are considered a benefit to the market. Other items not listed on original applications will not be allowed.

Both the Tuesday and Saturday Markets are open year-round. Tuesday’s market located at 312 E. Hopkins, under the sign at “The Hitch: A Mobile Eatery” is open from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday’s market is located on San Antonio St. at Courthouse Square and is open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. All members are expected to arrive early to set up prior the opening. No early departure without the prior approval of the market manager. If you are unable to attend or will arrive late, please notify a member of the Board of Directors or Market Manager.

Space is limited and priority is given to existing annual members. Each stall shall have ten foot (10) frontage. Any walkways needed should be within the 10 feet. Members are limited to two stalls. Please be respectful and keep the area clean and free of trash. If you provide sample you must also provide trash receptacles for customers.

Daily stall fees at the Saturday Market are $10.00 and maybe waived or prorated at the market managers discretion. Tuesday Market vendors are accessed a $7.00 stall fee, however, during the period from November 1st to May 1st a $6.00, daily stall fee paid.


  1. All vendors must be in compliance with federal, state, county and municipal regulations pertaining to products sold, wares or services. Vendor must abide the health department regulations for producing, sampling and labeling food. Vendors are responsible for the quality of their products.
  2. All canopies must be weighted and secured to ensure safety.
  3. Vendors are expected to behave courteously to customers, other vendors, volunteers, and market staff. Vendors are not to publicly disparage other vendors, products, or markets. No shouting or other objectionable means of soliciting trade.
  4. Absolute honesty and integrity are the lifeblood of the market. No vendor may knowingly misrepresent any product offered for sale.
  5. Smoking or burning items are not allowed in close of other vendors or customers.
  6. All members and their agents must read and sign the Acknowledgment form before setting up at the market.
  7. Vendors may not sell before market opening times listed in Rules and Regulations.
  8. Live animals may not be given away or sold at the market.
  9. All vendors selling by weight must use scale certified for legal trade by TDA.
  10. Any reselling must be approved by the Board of Directors.
  11. Vendors should be prepared for all types of weather.
  12. Do not assume you can sell anything other than what is on your original application.


San Marcos Farmer’s Market is a Producer’s market. Members selling at the market must be a producer. The produce must be fresh and of good quality. This trust is what makes the market work. Without that Bond of Trust, the market would cease to exist. No reselling of agricultural produce is allowed. Only producers, their family members, or their authorized agents are allowed to sell agricultural products.

Provision is made for the sale of an absent member’s produce, as well as for neighborhood and rural cooperative endeavors, at the discretion of the Board of Directors and Market Manager.

If an agent is selling for a producer, that agent should be knowledgeable about the product, its use, and its method of production, and be able to communicate that knowledge clearly to customers.

All farms are subject to inspection, conducted by the market manager or agent appointed by the market manager and may include two other growers/producers. Refusal of inspections may result in suspension and could lead to termination. Producers must have signage indicating the name and location of the farm.

Price fixing is illegal.

“Dumping” that is flooding the market with irrationally underprices produce is forbidden.

Producers must be in compliance with all federal, state, and local health and licensing regulations and requirements. All relevant documentation, and produce, is subject to inspection by health officials or an agent of the San Marcos Farmer’s Market Association at any time.


Vendors of prepared foods must meet all federal, state and local codes of regulations governing their products, and are responsible for obtaining any and all necessary licenses. Please see the Texas Food Establishment Rules and Vendor Food Service Requirements.

Ingredients must be all natural, and a complete list of ingredients must be printed on packaging. Please refer to information regarding stored and displayed food products according to state and local health codes or the Texas Cottage Foods Law (HB970).


Arts and Crafts must be the work of the artist or craftsperson him/herself. ABSOLUTELY no retail or resale is allowed. All artists, craftspeople, and artisans are invited, however, priority is given to local residents. At least once a year the market sponsors a local Arts and Crafts Fair. Contact market manager for information. The San Marcos Farmer’s Market Association is limited to 49% non-growers and 51% growers set by the Texas Certified Farmer’s Market Association.


Community organizations, non-profits, and local businesses or service providers whose work or product are compatible with the mission of the market are invited to attend and apply for membership.

The Association reserves the right to suspend or cancel the privileges of any member and/or agent of members who have violated the San Marcos Farmer’s Markets rules.