Saturday Market
We love our customers
I look forward to the San Marcos Farmer's Market every Saturday! It's colorful, lively, fun, and I see many of my favorite people who are both selling and buying. There are old people and young, children, pets and music. Most of all I enjoy the fruits and vegetables of their labor, the farmers and vendors. There's nothing like the beautiful bouquets of flowers that cheer me all week, and the peaches are to die for! Come one, come all, tell your friends!!
Christabel Jorgenson
We love visiting this market! Every time we go to San Marcos on a Saturday, it's our first stop! People are super friendly and eager to share a wealth of knowledge about farming! It's grown tremendously over the years and now has such a variety of goods!
Bobby Adams Happy customer!
The Saturday Market has become our favorite weekly chore- getting baked goods, produce, coffee, and honey. And that’s the truth!
Alice Lochman Retired, San Marcos
Why choose to eat local?
Fresh, healthy food.
Staying healthy is easy when it’s enjoyable, and fresh food just tastes better.
Endless variety!
Selection changes with the seasons at the farmer’s market, providing you an opportunity to try something new… and to diversify your diet in the process!
Stay connected to the land.
By eating locally grown food you will learn about seasonal availability, and San Marcos’ unique agricultural climate.
Join a community.
“Eating Local” is more than just buying groceries. It’s a chance to engage and support your community.
Support the local economy.
By eating local you not only support the farmers who grow your food, but the San Marcos economy as a whole.
Help keep San Marcos Beautiful.
Farms are beautiful. Future generations won’t be able to drive through the hills filled with farmland if we don’t support them today.
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